Fall/Winter Skincare Routine

Hey everyone! It has been a while because I made a cross country move and have been totally swamped! Now I am ready to get back to blogging for good! As you all know, I have finished Accutane so I had to find new products to suit my skincare needs. This is currently what I am using and is working totally well for my sensitive crazy skin!

First I remove my makeup (if I am wearing any) with Clinique take the day off balm. I remove it with a wet wash cloth to make sure it all comes off. This product goes onto dry skin and melts into the skin and gets washed away with water and your makeup is gone!

Then I use my Olay foaming face wash for sensitive skin to make sure my makeup is gone or to clean my face if I’m not wearing makeup.

If it’s Friday night I use my exfoliKate exfoliating face wash. I spread a thin layer on and leave it on for a minute and a half instead of two minutes because of my sensitive skin. I use it once a week not twice because twice is too much for me. I then wash it off with warm water.

I use the same moisturizer either way, it is the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion +.  I also use an eye cream to keep my undereyes hydrated. I use the Mario Bedesco Glycolic Eye Cream. It’s soft and really moisturizing.

My skin looks great and these products really work for me especially now that it’s winter and I need some extra hydration!

I finished accutane!!!

Today was my last day of Accutane! My skin feels smooth and looks great and overall I have much more confidence! I can’t wait to get back into the product game! In fact I just bought the Lorac Pro 2 with some birthday money and I can’t wait to review it! Stay tuned!!


Why Accutane was the best decision of my life.

Hey guys! I wanted to share my experience with Accutane now that my journey is almost over! Let me just start by saying that there are always risks with these types of strong drugs; with that said always discuss these with your dermatologist before you start any kind of treatment. For me, the positives outweighed the possible negatives.
My skin was crazy broken out, rough, patchy, and really irritated all of the time. I was really losing confidence in myself and always thought that someone was staring at my skin because honestly who wouldn’t look at it?!? It’s so distracting how could someone not see it? So I made the choice, and here’s how it worked for me. It’s almost 5 months later my skin is smooth, clear, and healthy. My scarring has been kept to a minimum and I’m healthy as a horse! My confidence is back, I’m rocking my job, my social life is wonderful, and I’m just seriously happy. There is a huge noticible difference in my skin which I have a photo of.

In the top photo I have makeup all over my face and you can still see the acne and redness all over my chin, cheek and forehead area. In the bottom photo I am wearing a BB cream and you can see virtually no flaws(besides freckles but to me those are more characteristic instead of flaws). I feel like the after photo me has blossomed into an outgoing, confident lady. I love my life, I’m happier than ever, I’m making friends and I couldn’t ask for more.

First Impressions: Bareminerals Bareskin

Hey guys! I recently picked up the Bareminerals Bareskin foundation! I got the shade bare ivory. I applied it with a damp beauty blender after shaking well as the package suggests! I dropped out 4 drops onto the back of my hand, dipped a clean finger into it and dotted it around my face. I then blended it all out making sure I had no splotchy patches!

I finished the rest of my makeup and ended up setting with Rimmel Stay Matte powder because it looked a bit shiny for my taste. My first impression was how light weight and awesome the texture was! The coverage was actually really good which surprised me for how light it is!

I checked back in around 1230 to show how it was holding up and to my amazement I didn’t retouch or powder at all and it looked better than when I put it on!

My last check in was at 5PM, which if you watch my videoyou will see how wonderfully it held up for 13 hours! I was seriously surprised/impressed at this foundation! It was $29.00 and using this little of the product it will last forever! I also just love that my makeup doesn’t feel so heavy and has a natural look throughout the day!

That’s all for now! I’ll keep everyone updated on how it is after I use it for a while!

Thanks for reading! Make sure to check out the video above to watch how I apply and how it holds up!


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Where have I been?!

Where have I been?!? Here is where I will answer your questions about going rogue for a while!

The main reason that I have been missing from the Blog world is because I joined the YouTube community and starting filming makeup videos. It surprisingly takes a lot of time, effort and resources! I’ve gotten that all set up and I’m going to coincide my videos with my blogging now to make it more organized and steady! I have been wanting to do this since high school so I am beyond excited! You can find me on YouTube under Andrea Rose and if you can’t find me, go to my twitter (@blushingbrushes) and look for the link!

I’m also still on my Accutane journey, and as it turns out that takes a lot of time as well. Drinking water, eating better, and reapplying Chapstick every 5 minutes has been my life lately. I’m doing so well on it that my face is clearer than ever! I’m so happy I’m doing it now! Such a great experience with great results!

So excited to be back with you guys and expect more posts soon!


YouTube channel!

Guys I know it has been a while since I’ve posted anything but I was getting my YouTube channel started! Please subscribe and thumbs up my videos so I can grow! I would greatly appreciate it and thanks for everyone’s support! With the help of accutane my confidence has grown and I would like to share it with everyone! You can find me at my YouTube . I am still working with lighting and angles so bear with me as I go through it. I’ve already learned so much! 😁

QVC Tarte Package!

If you guys follow me on twitter (@BlushingBrushes) you know that a couple of weeks ago I was impatiently waiting on my QVC package full of Tarte goodies!! I was beyond excited and the mailman was taking forever!
I’ve always been a Tarte junkie so when I saw this amazing set I had to buy it!!! Everything in it was full size and I got mine for $59.99.
What it comes with(taken from qvc website):
0.68-oz colored clay SPF 15 liquid foundation
0.51-oz colored clay CC primer in Fair, Light, Medium, Tan, or Deep
0.31-oz clay blush bronzer in Pink Bronze
0.27-oz LipSurgence Lip Gloss in True Love, a sheer raspberry shade
0.010-oz clay eyeliner in Black
0.24-fl oz lights, camera, LASHES mascara in Black
Bamboo foundation brush
Bonus Makeup bag


I love every item in this set. I got light for summer when my skin gets a little color in it, otherwise I would be fair. This set is a great value and I highly recommend it! I am thinking of doing posts for each item since some haven’t officially been released yet! Let me know if that would be a good idea/helpful!

Thanks for reading!!

Accutane Update

It’s been a while blog world! So as most of you know I have started accutane. I’m about 15 days in and my oh my. This stuff is kicking my butt! I’ve never been so drowsy, sore, and sick at the same time. However I can feel myself starting to get used to the medication. I’m not nearly as sore or sick, still slightly drowsy. I’ve been guzzling water, applying lip balm like crazy, and putting aquaphor on my face. It is VERY drying.
How’s my face:
My face looks incredible. I almost forgot how pretty I was with clear skin. It makes me feel beautiful. I am no model, but my acne was making me feel like a troll and now I feel confident and pretty! I am at the stage where it is starting to push all of the icky skin bacteria out and give me some pimples but so far nothing like I was having before. I feel so grateful to be able to go on this drug. It has already don’t so much for me and I’m loving each and every day of it!

Thanks for reading!

Influenster Optic White Vox box

Hey guys!
I got this box from Influenster to try and review some Colgate Optic White products a couple of weeks ago. Now that I have a good feel for the products I wanted to share my thoughts!
First of all, Influenster is a company that sends out products to people to review and spread the word about. It is completely free except for your time sharing it all on social media sites. They don’t charge you for shipping either! It’s a cool way to test out some products!
So like I said, in this box was Colgate Optic White products.




It came with a tooth brush with a whitening stick that slides inside of it, and a travel toothpaste. The idea is to be able to whiten even on the go without a kit.
On to the products:
Toothbrush: I love this toothbrush. I usually use an electric toothbrush but for on the go I love this. In the middle it has what feels like rubber bristles. On the outside it has regular toothbrush bristles. I find that it cleans my teeth almost as well as an electric toothbrush.
Toothpaste: The toothpaste is good at whitening and freshening breath but the consistency is poor. After you start brushing it turns into complete water and just drops everywhere(including all down your toothbrush). That is one of my pet peeves. I like the pastey toothpaste not the watery consistency toothpaste. I’m not even sure if anyone else can relate to that but the struggle is real!
Whitening Stick: The whitener in this product is amazing! The claim of whitening in 2 days is totally true! The applicator however is more than a pain. It has bristles on it which really unevenly distributes the whitening product.

Chunky/Streaky whitening

Chunky/Streaky whitening

They should make the applicator flat and keep the same rubber texture that it is now. It would make the product less streaky and more evenly distributed so it’s not whitening in streaks which will happen if you just use the applicator and not your finger. This to me is annoying.


Applicator teeth

It is very quick to dry and whitens incredibly well.

That’s all for these products! If you’re not a part of influenster already and you like to try new things, give it a shot!

Thanks for reading!!