Fall/Winter Skincare Routine

Hey everyone! It has been a while because I made a cross country move and have been totally swamped! Now I am ready to get back to blogging for good! As you all know, I have finished Accutane so I had to find new products to suit my skincare needs. This is currently what I am using and is working totally well for my sensitive crazy skin!

First I remove my makeup (if I am wearing any) with Clinique take the day off balm. I remove it with a wet wash cloth to make sure it all comes off. This product goes onto dry skin and melts into the skin and gets washed away with water and your makeup is gone!

Then I use my Olay foaming face wash for sensitive skin to make sure my makeup is gone or to clean my face if I’m not wearing makeup.

If it’s Friday night I use my exfoliKate exfoliating face wash. I spread a thin layer on and leave it on for a minute and a half instead of two minutes because of my sensitive skin. I use it once a week not twice because twice is too much for me. I then wash it off with warm water.

I use the same moisturizer either way, it is the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion +.  I also use an eye cream to keep my undereyes hydrated. I use the Mario Bedesco Glycolic Eye Cream. It’s soft and really moisturizing.

My skin looks great and these products really work for me especially now that it’s winter and I need some extra hydration!

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