Why Accutane was the best decision of my life.

Hey guys! I wanted to share my experience with Accutane now that my journey is almost over! Let me just start by saying that there are always risks with these types of strong drugs; with that said always discuss these with your dermatologist before you start any kind of treatment. For me, the positives outweighed the possible negatives.
My skin was crazy broken out, rough, patchy, and really irritated all of the time. I was really losing confidence in myself and always thought that someone was staring at my skin because honestly who wouldn’t look at it?!? It’s so distracting how could someone not see it? So I made the choice, and here’s how it worked for me. It’s almost 5 months later my skin is smooth, clear, and healthy. My scarring has been kept to a minimum and I’m healthy as a horse! My confidence is back, I’m rocking my job, my social life is wonderful, and I’m just seriously happy. There is a huge noticible difference in my skin which I have a photo of.

In the top photo I have makeup all over my face and you can still see the acne and redness all over my chin, cheek and forehead area. In the bottom photo I am wearing a BB cream and you can see virtually no flaws(besides freckles but to me those are more characteristic instead of flaws). I feel like the after photo me has blossomed into an outgoing, confident lady. I love my life, I’m happier than ever, I’m making friends and I couldn’t ask for more.

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