Where have I been?!

Where have I been?!? Here is where I will answer your questions about going rogue for a while!

The main reason that I have been missing from the Blog world is because I joined the YouTube community and starting filming makeup videos. It surprisingly takes a lot of time, effort and resources! I’ve gotten that all set up and I’m going to coincide my videos with my blogging now to make it more organized and steady! I have been wanting to do this since high school so I am beyond excited! You can find me on YouTube under Andrea Rose and if you can’t find me, go to my twitter (@blushingbrushes) and look for the link!

I’m also still on my Accutane journey, and as it turns out that takes a lot of time as well. Drinking water, eating better, and reapplying Chapstick every 5 minutes has been my life lately. I’m doing so well on it that my face is clearer than ever! I’m so happy I’m doing it now! Such a great experience with great results!

So excited to be back with you guys and expect more posts soon!


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