Accutane Update

It’s been a while blog world! So as most of you know I have started accutane. I’m about 15 days in and my oh my. This stuff is kicking my butt! I’ve never been so drowsy, sore, and sick at the same time. However I can feel myself starting to get used to the medication. I’m not nearly as sore or sick, still slightly drowsy. I’ve been guzzling water, applying lip balm like crazy, and putting aquaphor on my face. It is VERY drying.
How’s my face:
My face looks incredible. I almost forgot how pretty I was with clear skin. It makes me feel beautiful. I am no model, but my acne was making me feel like a troll and now I feel confident and pretty! I am at the stage where it is starting to push all of the icky skin bacteria out and give me some pimples but so far nothing like I was having before. I feel so grateful to be able to go on this drug. It has already don’t so much for me and I’m loving each and every day of it!

Thanks for reading!

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