Influenster Optic White Vox box

Hey guys!
I got this box from Influenster to try and review some Colgate Optic White products a couple of weeks ago. Now that I have a good feel for the products I wanted to share my thoughts!
First of all, Influenster is a company that sends out products to people to review and spread the word about. It is completely free except for your time sharing it all on social media sites. They don’t charge you for shipping either! It’s a cool way to test out some products!
So like I said, in this box was Colgate Optic White products.




It came with a tooth brush with a whitening stick that slides inside of it, and a travel toothpaste. The idea is to be able to whiten even on the go without a kit.
On to the products:
Toothbrush: I love this toothbrush. I usually use an electric toothbrush but for on the go I love this. In the middle it has what feels like rubber bristles. On the outside it has regular toothbrush bristles. I find that it cleans my teeth almost as well as an electric toothbrush.
Toothpaste: The toothpaste is good at whitening and freshening breath but the consistency is poor. After you start brushing it turns into complete water and just drops everywhere(including all down your toothbrush). That is one of my pet peeves. I like the pastey toothpaste not the watery consistency toothpaste. I’m not even sure if anyone else can relate to that but the struggle is real!
Whitening Stick: The whitener in this product is amazing! The claim of whitening in 2 days is totally true! The applicator however is more than a pain. It has bristles on it which really unevenly distributes the whitening product.

Chunky/Streaky whitening

Chunky/Streaky whitening

They should make the applicator flat and keep the same rubber texture that it is now. It would make the product less streaky and more evenly distributed so it’s not whitening in streaks which will happen if you just use the applicator and not your finger. This to me is annoying.


Applicator teeth

It is very quick to dry and whitens incredibly well.

That’s all for these products! If you’re not a part of influenster already and you like to try new things, give it a shot!

Thanks for reading!!

3 thoughts on “Influenster Optic White Vox box

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